THE VATICAN is a pre and post-production audio facility.

This digital recording studio is used for foley, music, and environment recreations through an extensive sound library and on the spot audio invention.

Recording Gear: Allen Heath GS3 (32 channel board), Mackie 2404 VLZ, DBX 586 Mic Tube Pre-Amp, Joe Meek VC-3 Compressor, Behringer Edison, Shure SM58s, Sennheiser MD431, and Octavia 319 mic.

Effects: (2) Lexicon MPX-100. Yamaha SPX-90, Alesis Midiverb3

Software: (MAC) Logic ver. 7 & 8, MOTU 896 USB, Line6 Toneport

Module and Synth list: Roland XP-50, Roland JV-2080, Roland Expansion Boards (World, Classical 1&2, Techno, Voice, Bass & Drums, Hip Hop, Session 1, & Vintage), Korg Trinity (TR), Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309, Alesis DMPRO, Roland SPD-11.

Stringed Instruments: Fender Telecaster (Mexican), Roland Gr-707, Musicman Stingray, Fender Jazz Bass 5, 3/4 Violin & Cello.

Software Mastering: (MAC) Peak 3DV.



is the independent record label under the subiderary of Torrid Productions specializing in Alt, Goth, Filmscoring, and experimental Funk, The main recording artist is DESCIPLE- based on the Gothic Multimedia Opera. Following up from "Rage & Sadness", DESCIPLE will be releasing new music in the coming months.

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