(Chronicles of the Production by the Director)

JUNE 11, 2010-

We took the production in a last minute adventure to Bohemian Carnival held at Cellspace in San Francisco. As a newly added scene to the flm, JULIAN makes a deal with Black Box Agent, DREDD (Played by ANGELO MOORE - Legendary lead vocalist of the band, FISHBONE) .

(Roberto Divina poses with Dr, Madvibe himself, Angelo Moore of Fishbone),

JULIAN flexes his negotiation muscle to obtain the powers of the mysterious medallion known as THE RIFT. This scene will be inserted after the opening credits.

JUNE 14, 2010

With the big shoot showdown coming up with the Caine Confrontation scene, we are soidifying the locations of the JULIAN chase scene and the Klown Alleyway segment in San Francisco and Alameda. I am also searching for an animator to do a 3D anatomy segment in the film. I could just go with stock footage, but I think looking for a local / student / independent animator would be more original for the film. Been looking on YouTube and Craigslist for a candidate.

JUNE 26, 2010

San Francisco, CA - After being kicked out of our first location, we ended up filming in an alleyway on Sansome near Mission Street. (NOTE TO ALL LOCAL FILMMAKERS: Unless you have a permit, do not bother to film anywhere in the financial district. The owners of that area are VERY conservative and over-react when they see cameras and actors in their back alleys. PLUS - bicycle meter maids tag you with a $65 ticket faster than a bum on a bologna sandwich). The Order has a backalley meeting with the Klowns headed by GOOFERMAN frontman, VEGAS.

(KLOWN SCENE: Production Time: 11AM-1PM)

(From Left to Right: Juan UFU Richardson, Vegas E. Tripp. and the unpredictable Kirsten Gerding.


Alameda, CA - We all met at Starbucks in Alameda. From there, we caravaned to an alleyway on Times Street. I was not expecting the amount of fighters that showed up, but played it off like it was nothing while I entertained a mental panic attack. I took a deep breath and just went with it. I find that onspot fight choreography is more creatively fun than planning. Not in all cases, but it really pushes you to be invent things. To keep it organic, I had the fighters put in their signature moves in addition to taking direction with the set fight choreographer, Alex Benjamin. .

JULIAN CHASE SCENE: Production Time (3PM-7PM)

(Evelyn L. leads the soldiers of the Kulam).

JUNE 27, 2010

Alameda, CA - Not able to find a babysitter, I took my son to the set on Times St. to shoot the Order making their way to the scene of the crime and finding the entrance to the Kulam layer. I can't tell you how many times someone yelled out "CAR!" that interupted the takes. (Oy-Vay!)


Oaklandia, CA - The hardest shoot has come. The confrontation with Caine. After pizza and pick up scenes, The Order faces the bad guy in a more serious tone to give the project a variety of genre styles. Ron Santiano, helms as cameraman to the climatic scene where the new Order meets with old.

CAINE SCENE: Production Time (3PM-8PM)

(CAINE protects his 4X great nephew from the arms way)


JUNE 30, 2010

Am editing the Klown scene as I am nursing the aching muscles from landing on my back on concrete. If anyone was to get hurt, I would rather it be me. The funny thing is that, I knew I was going to pay for it, but I said, if it looks good on camera, just go for it and take 2-3 days to heal. What an idiot!

For you camera people and editors out there, here is something I recently found out that you might already know When it's bright outside, use your SHUTTER to adjust the amount of brightness so things won't get washed out. If the footage is washed out, use a color corrector to adjust the midtones, gamma, and boost up your saturation to salvage the look. (Results may vary) Also, i've also learned the importance of cleaning your lense before shooting. I couldn't see the dust particles during the shoot, but man, it hurts to see them during the dailies. Lastly, if don't have a boompole for your mic, it's best to use a mic boom stand and keep it stationary. If you move it around during filmming, you get all kinds of bumps.

As for editing, a good thing to do is get what I call an AIR SAMPLE. Capture about 1 minute of the natural ambient sound of your location without any voices so you can use it to fill in unwanted sounds when you are editing.:) Lastly, ALWAYS have a PLAN K in case you run out of time. If your script doesn't coincide with your current film situation, be prepared to adapt to the location and work it into the scene. As long as you get from point A to point B in your storyline, you won't be stuck in a rutt. (Results may vary).
Learn from my mistakes, please!





Based on Chronicles of the Order. created by Ron Santiano