(Chonicles of the Production by the Director)

MAY 5, 2010 -

CotO: Bloodline was greenlighted by Redcape Cinema's founder, Ron Santiano, a friend and colleague that I known since 2008 just after the completion of PURGATORY 2. I am pleased to find myself in such great company working with folks from Redcape, t3Productions, Frogband, Idontcarefilms, Doghouse, to name a few. I hope this blog will be entertaining as an archive of the movie's filmmaking process.


The Chronicles of the Order: Bloodline - is the 2nd installment of the the Eve: Beauty and the Blade (prequel series). With the success of The Chronicles of the Order: The Next Level , this storyline takes place two years later as members of The Order continue their search for the prodigy child, Eve. This assignment finds them in a subculture network of unsavory characters. JULIAN is abducted by sorcerists after stealing a sacred key that has the ability to open worlds. As a form of blood sacrifice, pandora's box is opened as the sorcerists brings back a knight of the 14th century known as CAINE. Now the Order must face CAINE and save JULIAN before it's too late.

What are you doing uploading the script online?! Who cares, the movie is going to get made and it will be for everyone to see anyway. I am NOT looking for critics nor looking for opinions, thank you. The script is for cast, crew, or any geek who just has to get a feel of the film before it's finished.

May 6th, 2010-

The 2nd draft is completed. Things are looking good. So far, we are looking to possibly have the first day of shooting on 5/23/10 followed by 5/28/10. Most of the principle photography will be done in the daytime for a change to make the production go by smoother. (fingers crossed). I am in negotiations to film the sacrifice scenes at Oakland's VULCAN Studios. It's funny, but we haven't even started shooting and i'm already planning the afterparty for the premiere.

May 8th, 2010-

G-Force (Genevieve Jopanda) has official been attached to the project in front and behind the camera. My neice, Chelseah will also be one of the Sorcerist Guards who will face The Order using the weapon, Eskrima. Speaking of sorcerists, here is a proto type design for their masks, which will be accompanied with barbed wire and daggers.



The illustration (2a) is the Sorcerist symbol that will be printed for the card trick Vegas uses on Father Uriel about the future.


May 10th, 2010-

Jeeze! Trying to double up on the work in costume design for the characters. I am really trying to have it's own look. The mask test is for the character, Ziljian - who appears in the opening scene as the look of The Order in the 1930s' in Cairo. I am envisioning this character to use forearm daggers with an assassin like appearance. (Hence, no blue shirt)

I've also finished making the face masks the male guards of the socerists will wear. I ended up making 4 of them as well as 4 eye masks for the women fighters. I am starting to become my own sweatshop.

May 11, 2010

After putting my son to sleep, I went back into the studio and continued to work on music score ideas for the scenes to keep me focused on the mood settings. This is the first score I am using LOGIC PRO 8 on, therefore, it's more of a Record Now / Learn It Later mentality. The sample you hear on the homepage is actually an idea called, Into the Labyrinth - The scene when The Order enters into the Socerist layer. The Main Theme has already been created and put into the title sequence. I was going for a Taiko drum style with cermonial horns. I recorded a leather sofa pillow, an 8 inch sauce pot, and my son's toy drum played with pencils (all tuned down a 5th to an octave) in my bathroom for natural reverb - double tracked and layered on top of the sequence to give it more of an organic feel.

May 21, 2010

Hump day! Just finished Caine's outfit. It's narly, but highly uncomfortable to wear. Don't know how I will acheive a fight scene in it, but will wing it somehow. I also finished and delivered Julian's TORTURE cross in which he will be strapped to while being seduced and tortured by the socerists and the dungeon mistresses. Day one will include the Order fighting their way through the Labyrinth hallways / LUNCH / Then the dialog confrontation between CAINE and The Order. We are shooting out of sequence in order to compensate everyone's schedule, therefore, shooting in bulk. Fingers Crossed,

This will also be the first project that we will be releasing the motion picture soundtrack for. All those years of listening and collecting soundtracks, I think this would be something kewl as well as rarely done in the independent film scene.



May 30, 2010

The past two weekend shoots went by pretty smooth. It's great to see the story coming to it's tangeble state. The cast has been incredible and understanding. Many new theories were tried out such as breaking up in teams to do multiple fight scenes. Our efficency level has allowed us to not have long shoots. We actually ended while the sun was still up. Good Stuff. The editing has also been to the point where it is two days trailing the photography dates:)




Based on Chronicles of the Order. created by Ron Santiano